Smells Like Teen Spirit


In an effort to not only get out more, but to actually have something other than random Sting songs to write about, I’m embarking on a new endeavor to date men that I would normally swipe past and see what happens.  I figure it’ll get me out of my comfort zone, and maybe have someone to go with to some restaurants that I’ve been wanting to try. Hopefully at the end of this experiment I will still have my sanity and continued hope for the human race.  We shall see.

The first of these outings happened today.  He reached out to me first on an undisclosed dating site, and admittedly was cute.  He works close to where I work, and seemed smart enough.  Here’s the catch…he’s 29.  For those of you who are unaware, I will be 42 later this year.  That’s a age difference of 13 years.  Like, I’ve lived an entire decade and reached puberty by the time this guy was born, and I have questions.  Does he know what a rotary phone is?  Has he heard of a floppy disc?  What about a walkman?  Does he realize that television channels used to actually go off air at midnight?

Anyway, we go to lunch, and he’s well dressed, and the conversation was good.  He was funny, personable, and seems to have goals.  He paid for lunch before I could even offer to pay for my half, and at the end he gave me a hug.  Now, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve gone out with men that don’t seem to wear cologne or because I enjoyed his company, but he smelled so good y’all.  The kind of good where I’m still sniffing my scarf and I’m tempted to text him to ask the name of the fragrance.  It’s some sort of manly “I chop wood and build houses” scent.  Whatever the reason, this just reinforces that I need to get out more.  And possibly get samples of cologne from Sephora.


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