It’s pretty obvious that I haven’t written in awhile.  Quite frankly, I didn’t know if I had anything to say.  At my core, I’m a writer.  I want to be able to turn music on and sit at a computer and create strings of words that move my soul.  But I haven’t been moved.  To be honest, for a very long time I’ve been going through the motions.  Getting up, going to work, cooking dinner, sitting in traffic…same stuff, different day.  I’ve been waiting to feel inspired.

But I can’t wait for something to happen to me; rather, I have to make things happen. And make a concentrated effort to focus on my writing and my craft so that I don’t look back in five years and wonder what happened, how time passed me by, how my life exactly the same.  I think all of us are meant for something more, although we have to define that “more” for ourselves.  For me, my “more” is getting off my behind and actually turning this blog into a book.  I’m going to have to commit to writing more often, even if I feel like it’s not particularly inspired.  So I’m giving it a go…and being serious about it.

Which is the perfect segue to “Shining”…Can we talk about DJ Khaled for a bit?  He can be polarizing; people tend to think he’s corny or awesome, and there’s no inbetween.  I happen to love him-if you need a reminder on talking your s***, I highly recommend a Khaled playlist; if he doesn’t motivate you, I’m not sure you have a soul (other notable mentions for “talk yo’ s***” playlists include  Rick Ross, Michael Jackson, and Prince).  “Shining” dropped the day after the Grammys, and was actually recorded the day before, with vocals provided by Beyonce and Jay-Z.    And the lyrics don’t disappoint (not to mention the references to their unborn twins)-

I’ve been winnin’ so long it’s like alchemy
I’ve been playin’ cards with the house money
21 Grammys, I’m a savage n****
21 Grammys, I’m a savage n****
I shouldn’t even worry, backward n****
12 solo albums, all Platinum, n****
I know you ain’t out here talkin’ numbers, right?
I know you ain’t out here talkin’ summers, right?
I know you ain’t walkin’ ’round talkin’ down
Sayin’ boss s*** when you a runner, right?

So if you needed a pep talk (like I did this morning), are headed into a meeting and you need some extra confidence, or if you just left the salon and look extra good-this song is for you.





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